Arkansas First Lady Eula Terral, 1925-27

Old State House Museum - Friday, October 02, 2015
In the lead-up to our First Ladies' Lunch on October 6 we're featuring gowns from our historic collection.

Today’s Arkansas First Lady gown takes us back to the Roaring Twenties!

Eula Terral grew up in Garnett, Arkansas. After attending junior college in Eureka Springs, she attended the University of Chicago and studied voice in that city. She returned to Little Rock to begin her career when she met Thomas Jefferson Terral.

Mrs. Terral was only twenty-six when she became First Lady of Arkansas. When her husband was governor, Mrs. Terral often assisted in his campaigns, serving as campaign manager during his campaign for Arkansas Secretary of State, and working in his headquarters in other campaigns. She also was deeply involved in public service, working as a volunteer at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and endorsing fundraising appeals for various charities.

Mrs. Terral’s gown was ordered from Paris, France through B. Altman & Co. of New York. The straight dress with scoop neckline is made of cream colored satin accented with bead and pearl embroidery. Inset oval medallions of gold beads, pearls, bugle beads and gems ornament the center of the dress and its skirt. Mrs. Terral also wore long white kid gloves and spike-heeled, ankle strap slippers.