Celebrate Arkansas Statehood June 3

Old State House Museum - Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Old State House Museum will host a free family-friendly event June 3 from 1-6 p.m. to celebrate the 181st anniversary of Arkansas becoming a state.

This year’s theme is Work and Play; visitors will be transported back in time to 1836 with this live-action role-playing program and will leave with a greater understanding of trades and industries, wages and forms of entertainment that were available in Arkansas in 1836.

Visitors are encouraged to enter a profession and find ways to both “make” and “spend” money in an 1836 economy. Living history characters and programs are tailored to both help and hinder each guest’s pursuit of earnings and entertainment.

Characters at this year’s Statehood program will include lawyers, tavern keepers, gamblers, performers, speculators, and skilled craftsmen. Popular activities like gambling, shopping, military drill, skilled and unskilled labor, period games and sports will be ongoing during the event. Special events include a horse race and a puppet show.