Check Out Our Curiosities on Absurdity Day!

Old State House Museum - Friday, November 17, 2017


Celebrate National Absurdity Day on November 20 at the Old State House Museum. Embrace all things absurd in our “Cabinet of Curiosities: Treasures from the University of Arkansas Museum Collections” exhibit! Explore diverse collections that range from dinosaur toes and Ming Dynasty pottery to a machine gun allegedly taken from Bonnie and Clyde’s car.

The practice of assembling curiosities in a cabinet became common in Renaissance Europe when people collected memorabilia as they traveled. These items would then be placed on display in their homes for the enjoyment of their guests. This display essentially operated as a museum in the parlor of the owner’s home. “We’re very excited to have this seldom-seen collection at the Old State House Museum,” said director Bill Gatewood on the museum’s exhibit page. “It’s a great opportunity to show how collecting and preserving artifacts gives history a new life and kick starts the imagination of viewers, particularly first-time museum visitors.”

National Absurdity Day was birthed out of the absurdist movement, one where “the absurd” refers to the conflict between the human nature to find life’s true meaning and the human inability to actually find it. Similar to existentialism and nihilism, absurdism was birthed out of France during the aftermath of World War II.

Absurdity Day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a history lesson with a little bit of weird on the side… just make sure you make it to work the next day! For more information, please visit: