Nine Boy Scout Badges at the Old State House Museum

Old State House Museum - Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Nine Boy Scout Badges at the Old State House Museum

Did you know that some of the requirements for at least nine different Boy Scout merit badges can be achieved at the Old State House Museum (OSHM)? Check out this list below to check off badges at the Old State House Museum.

1. Architecture – Tour the Old State House building and learn about architecture and its impact on society. Pour over the building designs and explore Greek Revival architecture firsthand.

2. Citizenship in the Community – For this badge, one requirement is to chart a local or state government organization. The OSHM will equip you with this information and determine whether a government position is elected or appointed. Dive into the history of your state and check off a second requirement as you discover Arkansas heritage.

3. Citizenship in the Nation – This badge requires you to tour the State Capitol Building. Since, the Old State House was the first state capitol in Arkansas, a visit to this site will achieve this requirement. Explore the exhibits here and you’ll be able to tell the history of this building and fulfill more requirements.

4. American Heritage – For the American Heritage badge, Boy Scouts must select a property from the National Register of Historic Places in their community and make note of a historic event that occurred there. The Old State House is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Historic Landmark. The site has seen more than 180 years of history, from the early days of Arkansas Statehood, to the Separate Coach Debates, to the Crossett Experiment and to President Bill Clinton’s Election Night celebrations.

5. American Cultures – For this badge, Boy Scouts are tasked with viewing an exhibit that features traditions of a group. Check out the current exhibit called True Faith, True Light, and then come back soon to see the African American Quilt collection.

6. Collections – Scouts have to explain how to handle, clean, store and display collections to meet this badge’s requirements. Notify the museum before your arrival and certain staff can arrange to assist in this lesson.

7. Scholarship – When creating your list of educational places other than schools near you, don’t forget the Old State House! Come tour the museum to explain how this site is used for self-education.

8. Painting – To explore career opportunities in painting to earn this badge, come see the faux painting techniques that were used in Arkansas’s first state capitol building. A video in the Pillars of Power exhibit highlights the professional historical painter who worked on this site.

9. Pottery – Looking for a place that displays pottery? We have many examples on display now in the Cabinet of Curiosities exhibit and from our own Arkansas collections in the Riverfront Room. The Riverfront Room is a staff-only area, so make sure to ask to view this space for your badge requirements.