The Butch Stone Collection at the Old State House Museum

Old State House Museum - Tuesday, December 15, 2015




In an ongoing effort to comb through the Old State House Museum's impressive collection of media and research, we're excited to publish several old photos, videos and texts. Today, an update from 2010, highlighting the Butch Stone collection at the Old State House Museum:


In addition to collecting and preserving Arkansas's political and military history, the Old State House Museum also collects artifacts from Arkansas musicians. From Johnny Cash's guitar, to Louis Jordan's saxophone, to Scott Joplin's piano, the Old State House has acquired items from some of the most significant figures in the state's cultural history.

Recently the museum has added to this impressive collection ninety-two pieces of music and political memorabilia from Butch Stone. Stone, a manager, concert promoter, and native Arkansan, is best known for his work with Black Oak Arkansas and establishing Little Rock as a national tour destination. In addition to the music memorabilia, the Old State House acquired Stone's collection of political material, including numerous photographs with and letters from Arkansas politicians.