Travel Back in Time for National Forefathers Day on Dec. 21

Old State House Museum - Friday, December 22, 2017

The concept of time travel may sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but the Old State House Museum is giving patrons the perfect opportunity to step back in time in recognition of National Forefathers Day on Dec. 21.

As the original Arkansas state capitol building, the Old State House has hosted a number of historic Arkansas events such as the admission of Arkansas into the Union, a fatal knife fight between two state legislators, the debate and vote that led to Arkansas’s succession from the U.S. and two acceptance speeches by President Bill Clinton. With a visit to the Old State House Museum, you can re-live these moments and many more.

Gowns of Arkansas’s first ladies on display in the First Families exhibit

Step into the First Families exhibit to learn more about the important roles women played in Arkansas history and politics during the 20th century. Imagine yourself in a gown on display, worn by one of Arkansas’s first ladies at these momentous events. These stunning gowns will take you back in time to a number of different eras in Arkansas history.

Trek back to the late 1800s and uncover the history of Arkansas politics in the On the Stump exhibit. Following the Civil War, Arkansas was one of the strongest Democratic Party-controlled states in the country. Its populist streak set it apart from the other Southern states. Experience life in Arkansas post-war and learn how the state recovered from its devastating effects.

The original Arkansas House of Representatives Chamber

Travel even further back in time to the 1830’s with our Pillars of Power exhibit. Explore the tumultuous history behind the Old State House building itself. Completed in 1842, the Old State House has undergone a number of renovations. In 1885, the north façade was extended 70 feet toward the Arkansas River to create a larger House of Representatives Chamber. Pull up a seat at one of the wooden desks in the Chamber and re-live the famous political scenes and events that occurred during the 75 years that the Old State House served as Arkansas's state capitol. Live like our forefathers with a trip to the Old State House Museum – and a trip back in time! From knife fights to decisions that shaped the state we call home, join us as we share and celebrate Arkansas’s history and its people each day. For more information, click here.